Stainless steel ball valves

manually operated

Stainless steel is becoming an increasingly important material. Increasingly stringent requirements for installations make stainless steel a real alternative to brass. Stainless steel is hygienically harmless, has a high mechanical strength, and corrosion is practically no longer a factor when it is installed professionally. Each valve has its specific range of applications based on the prevailing pressure and temperature in the pipeline, the size of the pipeline, the tightness requirements of the valve, and the characteristics of the medium itself.

Automation is possible with either a pneumatic or an electric actuator.

Heating, water (not according to DVGW / DIN 1988), heating oil, fats, diesel oils, lubricating oils, fuels (including those with a high benzene content), paints, varnishes, solvents, alkalis, weak bases and acids, suitable for heating water mixtures with glycol. The functionality of our fittings requires that the heating water is treated according to regional regulations.

Product overview
Standard ball valves | 3-piece ball valves | Flange ball valves | 3-way ball valves | Boiler filling and drainage ball valves

Labeling & certification
- CE certified
- Marked according to TÜV guidelines
- thread according to DIN EN ISO 228-1 & DIN EN 10226-1
- material stainless steel V2A-V4A | AISI 304-AISI 316

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