ISO-Therm ball valves designed for cold application


ISO-Therm ball valves for cold application

Highest precision, proven WESA quality and an efficient design allow the use of our ISO-Therm ball valves in temperature ranges from -20°C up to a maximum of +150°C.

The plastic handle is equipped with an additional insulating sleeve. It perfectly adapts to the contours of the ball valve and can be firmly bonded with additional (on-site) insulation. This reduces energy losses and the ball valve can still be operated even with the insulation. In addition, the formation of condensation on the handle is reduced. Less moisture means improved protection against corrosion and malfunction.

 The enhanced ISO-Therm handle also contributes to improved stability and handling and ensures additional safety when operating the fitting. Compared to conventional aluminium or steel handles the plastic handle significantly reduces the overall weight.

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